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Dale Guild Foundry Type

(right) ATF Caslon 471, 18 pt. long sh and ssi ligatures

We started working with Theo Rehak and his Dale Guild Type Foundry in about 1997. Theo was continuing the tradition of the American Type Founders Co. that had ceased operations in 1993 where Theo was one of the last ATF employees. The Dale Guild had a nice collection of Barth casting machines saved from ATF that cast up to 24 pt. type. Over the following years, we had Theo cast Garamond, Caslon, Bulmer, and several other faces where the matrices were available. Starting about 2003, Theo started training apprentices in type casting with the intent to retire and sell the foundry. He finally struck an agreement with Micah Currier who took on the foundry with another business partner. By the summer of 2013, Micah had to remove the foundry from its location in Howell, New Jersey to a temporary location in Salt Lake City, where he was from originally. From that point, no type has been cast and we have not been able to replace our existing stocks and we are bringing up to date what is still available until it sells out. The equipment is no longer in the United States and the new owner of the equipment has stated that he has no interest in casting type for stock or for sale. As of very early 2018 none of the equipment in Europe has been in operation since it was moved.

We have thousands of packages of original ATF type, ready to ship. This type came out of ATF off their shelves at the time of the foundry closure in 1993. We also have limited stocks of original Stemple type in various faces. Contact us for availability.

May 12, 2006 18 pt. Caslon 471 Roman was cast in 18 pt in the Roman only and we still have a good supply of that face available.