Kingsley Zinc Type

NA Graphics purchased the inventory of ATF type still on the shelves at the Elizabeth, NJ foundry during the 1993 auction. Included in the thousands of packages of regular metal type is an interesting assortment of Kingsley zinc type that was being held as samples or had not been shipped to Kingsley. ATF was owned by Kingsley and all of Kingsley's zinc type was cast by ATF. Some of this type is quite rare, all is new, and in original packages. Zinc type is cast for hot foil stamping as it can stand fairly high temperatures and it should not be used mixed with regular type used in regular letterpress printing.
"Typo Script Monograms, 36 Pt"
Kingsley Typo Script Monograms, cast by ATF in zinc for Kingsley Machine Co., 3A font, cast on square body, full point size, no kerning characters, in original box. This was at ATF in foundry stock at the time of the 1993 ATF auction and was purchased by NA Graphics. No zinc type, ideal for high temperature foil imprinting, will ever be cast again. This font weighs about 3 pounds, 4 oz.
"Shadow, caps, 36 Pt."
ATF's Shadow in zinc, 36 pt, 3A font, full body, includes several spaces. In original ATF box, no label, stamped "36 PT SHADOW", weighs about 3 pounds, 2 oz.
"Keynote 36 pt cap font"
This is a 3A font in original box for Kingsley.
"Keynote 36 pt Lowercase"
Lowercase 6a font, includes "and" logotype.