BB & S Engravers Roman 1627

From the 1934 ATF Catalog.

24 pt. BB & S Engravers Roman 1627 is in stock, and fonting is underway on a 5A font. This is cast from the original Barnhart Brothers & Spindler matrices cut by Robert Wiebking in 1899. Copied by about everyone, including Monotype, Linotype, Intertype, Ludlow and a host of digital copiers (and a quick look at the current digital offerings illustrate how poorly some of the digital "foundries" have copied this face, and none have included both variants of the cap C), this is the original type cast on Barth casters and pivotal machines at the Dale Guild. The illustration is from the 1934 ATF catalog. ATF continued to cast this face up until the end of the foundry in 1993, but the 18 and 24 pt sizes have not been cast for over 50 years. The original matrices are owned by NA Graphics in all the sizes from 6 pt through 24 pt.

"Engravers Roman, 24 point, Caps"
5A font of 7 1/3 lines--a large font. Font scheme based on ATF standard scheme except at least 2 of each character and one extra cap B, thus a fuller and more useful scheme than the original ATF one.
"Engravers Roman, 24 point, Figures"
Font based on 5-1 scheme, includes $ sign and some punctuation based on standard ATF scheme.

Engravers Roman being fonted in original wood galleys from ATF and earlier foundries. ATF had thousands of these galleys for storing type in special cabinets and most were scrapped after the 1993 auction.