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"Type Metal Leads, 2 point, .765" high, 23 inch strips, per units of 10 pounds only"
We have a new source of leads and slugs. We are excited about having a new supplier since Greg Walters passed earlier this year. Since we ship by Priority US Mail, it is possible to ship 20 pounds of material at the same cost as 10.
products/thumbs/supersoap_thumb.jpg "Super Soap, 1 pound tub"
We were first introduced to Super Soap at the ATF gathering at M&H Type in San Francisco in 1998. Our sample sat unopened for a couple of years, then one day we really needed to clean our hands from a nasty washup of a press when the usually present gloves disappeared. Super Soap was astonishing, did a superb job quickly, and became a favorite hand cleaner around the shop. We now sell it in the one pound container listed here, and a companion 5 pound container. A friend who is a metal plater and gold plates the annual Grammy awards among other things has found Super Soap to be his best all-around hand cleaner, and he gets really dirty in his work.
products/thumbs/makeuprule_thumb.jpg "NA Graphics Star Makeup Rule"
A handy tool used by printers since the 19th century. Originally made by the Star Tool Company, this is our reproduction of their makeup rule. If you've wondered what the pockets are for on a printer's apron, then one of these belongs in one of those pockets. Used for separating lines of type, scraping crud off the bottom of things, the long edge is sharpened and can cut string, pry plates off bases, clean the bottoms of linotype slugs, is fun to play with, and there was a time when no one in a letterpress shop was without one. John Horn provided an original Star tool for us to copy and ours is made from etched cold rolled steel.
StarRule1 "NA Graphics Star Makeup Rule, special, 2 for $16.75"
You'll misplace one of these, 2 is better, and a whole pile would solve the problem.
PutzLiquid1 "Putz Pomade Liquid Flow roller and blanket cleaner"
Similar in use to the paste formula Putz Pomade, the liquid version comes in a 15 oz plastic squeeze bottle. Excellent for Faster Color Changes, stops Glazing and Stripping, and provides for sharper reproduction. Suitable for Offset, Web, Letterpress, and cleans Selenium Drums. Use of Putz Pomade products after each washup is not required. Use the product when going from a dark color ink to a light color ink where the previous color may still be present on the rollers and could affect the color value of the new ink.
Mackellar2 "MacKellar, Smiths, & Jordan--Typographic Tastemakers of the Late Nineteenth Century"
New Castle, Delaware, Oak Knoll Press 2008 8.5 x 11 inches Hardcover, dust jacket. 176 pages First edition. This is the first full-length study of the leading American type foundry of the nineteenth century. It is an interesting history of the foundry from both a business and a design point of view. The emphasis is on the design of the hundreds of typefaces that were produced by the foundry, from its inception in the 1860s until its merger with most other American foundries at the end of the century into the American Type Founders Co. The author describes (with many detailed photographic illustrations) how changing business conditions and technical improvements in typefounding interacted with changes in public taste to modify, over the decades, the appearance of the typefaces that Americans found in their publications. This book includes a complete index of MacKellar's type faces.
WoodType "Hamilton Wood Type--A History in Headlines"
Moran, Bill, Robert Style, Dennis Ichiyama, and Richard Zauft, St Paul, MS Blinc Publishing 2004 8vo. stiff paper wrappers iv, 60 pages Hamilton began producing type in 1880 and within 20 years became the largest provider in the United States. The Hamilton Wood Type and Printing Museum is the only museum dedicated to the preservation, study, production and printing of wood type. With 1.5 million pieces of wood type and more than 1,000 styles and sizes of patterns, Hamilton's collection is one of the premier wood type collections in the world. In honor of the Museum's fifth anniversary, Blinc Publishing was commissioned to produce a 65 page book outlining the history of the Hamilton Wood Type Company, the importance of wood type to the growth of printing world-wide, and the role the Museum plays in the education of today's design professionals. The book includes a foreword by Jim Sherraden and five chapters on the history of Hamilton as a company and a museum. Well illustrated in full color. Cover is letterpress printed. Distributed for the Hamilton Wood Type and Printing Museum.
" Bed Plate for SP15"
Bed Plate used on Vandercook SP 15 Presses that have a bed ground to .968". Bed plate is used in place of a galley to bring metal type or bases up to type high of .918".
DSCN1206.JPG "Henry Compressible Gage Pins"
The new Henry Compressible Gage pin is designed to be used with photopolymer plates mounted on bases that do not allow enough room for setting regular gauge pins in the area of the base. For small image areas or smaller sizes of paper, or for tight register to the edge of a plate, the Henry Gage will allow feeding of the paper stock on the platen without the possibility of crushing a gage pin or damaging an expensive base. These have a peel off adhesive backing for attaching the gage pin to the tympan. The adhesive will allow for repositioning of the gage pin to achieve register. There are 12 pins to a package. These are not designed to replace traditional gauge pins except where used in tight clearance situations with photopolymer plates and bases.
"Challenge Hi-Speed Quoin, 10 1/2" new"
These are new Quoins, never used, made by the Challenge Machinery Company, and have manufacture dates in the late 1960s on them. They have been in storage for the past almost 50 years, yet are in perfect working order. Many consider the Challenge quoins to be better made and easier to operate than the currently made ones by Bar-Plate. Challenge originated this product in 1932 and sold the line to Bar-Plate in the late 1990s. The 10 1/2 inch size was discontinued many years ago and is not currently made--it falls neatly in between the 9" and 12" sizes. We have 19 of these available. These operate with the currently made quoin keys from Bar-Plate as well as all older keys made by Challenge--that hasn't changed.
DSCN1316.JPG Crescent, Vandercook CS-23
Crescents for Vandercook oscillating ink drums, standard for SP, Universal, and #3 and #4 presses, and others. These are new, cast steel made by the lost wax process from the original Vandercook pattern and molds, stems are ground and polished. These need to be well lubricated both in the stem holder with grease and where the crescent rides in the worm. Vandercook recommended Vaseline for the worm, but a good grade of Lithium grease is a good substitute. Never run dry without any lubricant. The crescent holder in the ink drum has to be adjusted so that the crescent does not bottom out, or actually touch the bottom of the channel in the worm or it will cause binding, undue wear and premature breakage of the crescent.

Price is $41.00 each, or what we call the Paul Moxon special that is 3 crescents for $100.00 as he recommends having spare crescents on hand for emergencies. See the next item following this entry to order the Moxon special of 3 crescents rather than one crescent.

Crescent, Vandercook CS-23, Moxon Special
Three CS-23 crescents ordered at one time as the Paul Moxon Special. Keep several on hand for future use.
lange.cover1 "Printing Digital Type by Gerald Lang"
This has long been the standard work in the field, essential to any student of contemporary letterpress printing. An insightful, useful work. 96 pages, soft cover.

Gerald Lange is the proprietor and founder (1975) of The Bieler Press, a small printing and publishing firm that specialized in studio letterpress, typographic design, and the publication of finely-printed limited edition books and related matter. He is also the former Master Printer at the USC Fine Arts Press.

In 1991, Lange was selected as the first recipient of the prestigious Carl Hertzog Award for Excellence in Book Design. His publications have also won awards from the Type Directors Club, and the American Institute of Graphic Arts, among other distinctions.

"Process Blue, Oil Base, 5 lb. can"
This is a one time offer, basically an error in ordering, at a very good price.
"Super Soap, 5 pound Container"
A great product that we obtain direct from the manufacturer. This was out of stock for a while but is being made once again. Originally made in San Francisco, manufacturing was moved to rural Oregon to preserve the product line.