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Roller Trucks

Morgan Expansion Roller Trucks and replacement rubber tires.

We are currently out of all sizes of Morgan Expansion Roller Trucks and Replacement Rubbers.. We manufacture these and have raw castings on hand that are waiting to be machined. We hope to have some of these available soon. The Delrin trucks listed are an excellent substitute for the Morgan truck especially for printing from photopolymer plates where uniform truck diameter is very important for proper inking. Along with the Delrin trucks, we recommend using the UMHW tape in the .005" and .010" thickness to build up the worn bed rails of C&Ps and other presses to achieve correct roller height.

Trucks are priced by the each unless otherwise noted. Thus, a C&P 10x15 roller, as an example, requires that you order two (2) trucks per roller.

"Roller Truck, Delrin, for C&P 8x12"
TR812 Quantity
"Roller Truck, Delrin, for C&P 10x15"
TR1015 Quantity
"Roller Truck, Delrin, for C&P 12x18"
TR1218 Quantity
"Roller Truck, Delrin, for C&P Pilot 6 1/2 x 10"
TR610 Quantity
"Roller Truck for Heidelberg 10x15"
HE-WI466 Quantity
"Roller Truck for Kelsey 3x5"
TR35 Quantity
"Roller Truck, Delrin, for Kluge 10x15"
TR1015K Quantity
"Roller Truck, Delrin, for Kluge 12x18"
TR1218K Quantity
"Kelsey trucks for 5x8, 6x10 presses, each"
These are turned from steel and have a milled slot on one side that engages the crimp on the roller core (steel shaft). Thus, the truck and roller turn together and this is a significant improvement over the original Kelsey design. Old trucks without the slot will not work with the rollers we supply as the trucks will not fit between the roller saddle arms.