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Roller Cores

"Heidelberg Windmill 10x15 Form Roller Core, K style"
RO431C Quantity
"Heidelberg Windmill 13x18 Form Roller Core"
Comes in K and S variants. Please specify during checkout. If you don't know which style your press has, we can email a drawing showing the difference in the two styles.
"Meihle Vertical V-50 2" Form Roller new core, rubber"
RO430C Quantity
"Vandercook 4 Form Roller Core"
Core only, does not include rubber covering or any of the clutch assembly parts. See the next item for the cost to apply rubber to specification for this roller. If you have existing rollers, it is much less expensive to recover your existing cores unless you need a second or back up set of rollers. Vandercook #4 roller cores are the most complicated and difficult of the Vandercook cores to have made and this is reflected in the cost. In addition, you may need the MR-110 clutch pin that goes into the end of the core and these are available at a cost of $31.50 each and these are not listed on this web site.
"Vandercook SP-20 Form Roller Core"
X20929 Quantity
"Vandercook Universal I Form Roller Core (X20933)"
X20934 Quantity
"Vandercook Universal III Form Roller Core"
X20938 Quantity