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Roller Care

Putz Pomade Roller Conditioner

Our California roller wash is safe for modern rubber rollers. Need help? Give us a call!

Solvent pricing is directly related to escalating oil prices, and subject to change without notice. We are not always able to get sufficient quantities of the California Wash as our distributor tells us that with the slowdown in printing that they are not accumulating orders fast enough to keep all items in stock, and thus their restocking is not as frequent as it once was.

We are unable to ship the liquid roller washes across international borders, including Canada, because of restrictions regulating these products. None of the liquid products can be shipped by air within the US. US postal regulations prohibit shipment through the mails. Please take these restrictions into consideration when placing your order.

"Varn V230G Wash, for all rollers, 1 gallon"
This item can be shipped only by ground and may not be shipped out of the USA. This has an ORM-D hazardous rating for shipping.

This Wash is usually shipped separately in its own box from the balance of your order. There are additional shipping charges as a result and this will not show on the receipt generated when you place an order through this site.

This roller wash may be mixed with water but that is not necessary for use with letterpress. The water is designed to dissolve various water soluble compounds found on offset inking rollers like clay coatings from paper. An offset roller wash, like this replacement for the now discontinued California Wash, is recommended for cleaning synthetic rubber rollers to minimize damage to the rubber from solvents. Use inexpensive solvents like kerosene or paint thinner for all other uses like general washup. Be careful of cleaners that use water. The cost keeps going up even though we ship directly from Varn, the manufacturer.

"Putz Pomade, for cleaning and deglazing rollers, 15 1/4 oz. can"
This product is not used as a general roller wash up material, but is intended for deep cleaning of rollers after a wash up for color changes and for rollers that have become glazed. Use either a regular offset roller wash or California wash for day-to-day cleaning of rollers.
"Rubber Roller Cleaner, removes glaze, aerosol can"

Sprayway's Rubber Rejunevator and Cleaner. Use for reviving rubber rollers and for deep cleaning of roller surfaces.


"Anti-skin aerosal spray for rollers, ink fountains and ink plates--keeps ink from drying on press for short periods of down time"

Case quantity prices are available on all the aerosal can products. Made by Sprayway.


PutzLiquid1 "Putz Pomade Liquid Flow roller and blanket cleaner"
Similar in use to the paste formula Putz Pomade, the liquid version comes in a 15 oz plastic squeeze bottle. Excellent for Faster Color Changes, stops Glazing and Stripping, and provides for sharper reproduction. Suitable for Offset, Web, Letterpress, and cleans Selenium Drums. Use of Putz Pomade products after each washup is not required. Use the product when going from a dark color ink to a light color ink where the previous color may still be present on the rollers and could affect the color value of the new ink.