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Press Sales

We will list any Vandercooks and other pressess for sale in this section as a courtesy for our customers. All contacts and negotiations are between owner and buyer.

When submitting information to us, include at least 2 good digital photos, a description of the press, serial number, and contact information. When a press sells, please notify us so we can remove your listing.

Note that the "Add to Cart" button is non-functional. You can not order a press through this web site. Terms of sale are up to the seller, but generally cash tendered makes a sale, and most people will not place a hold on a press pending receipt of funds. Most presses are sold as is, where is, and it is the responsibility of the buyer to remove the press and transport it. This includes rigging or crating unless otherwise agreed to by the seller to furnish those options. Note that most presses will not be 100% complete in terms of having lockup bars, dead bars, bed pins, paper towers, and the like, and most of these parts are not available. Do not expect a seller to come up with items that are long gone off many of these presses.

Vandercooks, especially the smaller ones like the SP-15 and #4 are top heavy and will tip over if improperly moved. If shipping common carrier, it is highly advisable to purchase a separate, one-time insurance policy to cover the move as carriers will pay 10 cents per pound for damage incurred during shipment, and that's essentially nothing. See the archives on the discussion group letpress or for numerous entries on moving advice for Vandercooks. Always remove the handle on hand operated presses, and the feed table as well. These can be added back to the press after the move, but often get damaged in a move if left on the press.