Kelsey Rollers, Trucks & Parts

From the cover of our dog-eared 1953 Kelsey catalog that got us started on the Letterpress adventure.

We stock a number of parts for Kelsey presses--Rollers, roller trucks, grippers, springs, chase irons, tympan paper, and other items unique to Kelsey presses.

"Tympan for 3x5 Kelsey, 100 sheets"
TP35 Quantity
"Tympan for 5x8 Kelsey, 100 sheets"
TP58 Quantity
"Tympan for 6 1/2x10 Kelsey, Pilot and Others, 100 sheets"
TP610 Quantity
"Kelsey 3x5 Form Roller, new core, rubber"
RO35 Quantity
"Kelsey 5x8 Form Roller, new core, rubber"
All the Kelsey rollers we furnish are precision made using a professional grade of synthetic rubber called Buna-N that has a useful life of at least 5 years, and longer with proper care. This is the same material used on the larger letterpress machines. Kelsey used to furnish rollers made from an inexpensive urethane product that would eventually melt, often causing an incredible mess. All new 5x8 and 6x10 rollers from us have nibs on the cores to lock in the new style trucks we sell (like the C&P cores and trucks) so that the roller and truck turn together as one unit. Trucks from other suppliers that attach with a set screw are inherently lopsided and will contribute to uneven inking. Trucks for the 3x5 are $5.00 each, for 5x8 and 6x10 are $5.50 each.

Two 5x8 rollers with a set of 4 trucks totals $172.00. Add to your order with accurately cut new tympan, ink in either 5 oz. tubes or one pound cans, gauge pins and all your other needs with one-stop ordering.

"Kelsey 6x10 Form Roller, new core, rubber"
RO610 Quantity
"Kelsey 9x13 Form Roller, new core, rubber"
RO913K Quantity
"Kelsey Grippers for 3x5 Press, per each"
KP474 Quantity
"Kelsey Grippers for 5x8, 6x10 press, per each"
These grippers fit a round gripper bar.
"Kelsey Roller Hook, for 5x8 press"
KP482 Quantity
"Kelsey trucks for 5x8, 6x10 presses, each"
These are turned from steel and have a milled slot on one side that engages the crimp on the roller core (steel shaft). Thus, the truck and roller turn together and this is a significant improvement over the original Kelsey design. Old trucks without the slot will not work with the rollers we supply as the trucks will not fit between the roller saddle arms.
"Kelsey Trucks for 3x5 Press"
These trucks are turned from steel. Priced per each, two are required per roller.
"Kelsey Roller Hook Spring, for 5x8 Press"
KP477 Quantity
"Kelsey Gripper Bar Spring for 6x10"
KP480 Quantity
"Kelsey Gripper Bar for 6x10"
Gripper bars for recent model presses, round. Older models use a square bar that we do not stock.
"Kelsey 3x5 Roller Hook"
One roller hook required for each end of the roller, thus four total required for this press. Priced by the each.
"Kelsey 3x5 Roller Hook Spring"
One spring per roller hook is required.
"Kelsey 3x5 Roller Hook"
Roller hook requires the KP476 Roller Hook Spring, one per roller hook.
"Kelsey Gripper Bar for 5x8"
Round bar to be used with Gripper Bar Spring, KP 479
"Kelsey Gripper Bar Spring for 5x8, 6x10"
To be used with Gripper bar for each press.
"Ink Plate Dog for 3x5 Press"
These are original Kelsey castings, new.