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Super Soap: Natural and Effective!

Super Soap is the original "hard on dirt--easy on hands" hand soap, made for the efficient and skin friendly removal of grease, dirt, ink, paint and any type of gunk without harsh solvents or chemicals. Super Soap's time tested formula (made since 1923) incorporates vegetable oil, for lather, and renewable resource wood fiber to gently scrub skin. Real soap has natural oil in it and thus, while cleaning, replenishes the natural oil of our skin. No need for added skin conditioners as with some citrus solvent hand cleaners. Our wood fiber is recycled, screened, cleaned, kiln dried pine. Super Soap's naturalness cleans thoroughly while leaving skin feeling healthy. Naturally, Super Soap is biodegradable.

One of our friends in Silverton is a fellow who owns Acme Silver Plating in Montrose. Among other things, Bob gold plates the Grammy awards every year. He tried our Super Soap and has been buying it in the 5 pound tubs ever since saying it is the best cleaner he has ever used. Bob can get incredibly dirty doing plating all day long and this is quite a testament to the effectiveness of this product.

The one pound containers are presently unavailable and wh have removed them from the website. We still have the five pound containers in stock>

products/thumbs/supersoap_thumb.jpg "Super Soap, 1 pound tub"
We were first introduced to Super Soap at the ATF gathering at M&H Type in San Francisco in 1998. Our sample sat unopened for a couple of years, then one day we really needed to clean our hands from a nasty washup of a press when the usually present gloves disappeared. Super Soap was astonishing, did a superb job quickly, and became a favorite hand cleaner around the shop. We now sell it in the one pound container listed here, and a companion 5 pound container. A friend who is a metal plater and gold plates the annual Grammy awards among other things has found Super Soap to be his best all-around hand cleaner, and he gets really dirty in his work.
mediguardlatex "Disposable Latex Gloves XL"

We are phasing both the Latex and Nitrile hand gloves out of stock as we discontinue both items. We are currently out of stock of the Large in both latex and nitrile as well as the Small in the nitrile. Glove sizes tend to run small.

Extra Large Only. Don't delay your order by neglecting to tell us what size of glove you need!

Protect your hands during wash up from chemicals, and substantially reduce washing of hands. These gloves are medical grade latex and will last for several uses, but will tear from sharp objects and rough usage. Box of 100.

Extra Large only.

"Super Soap, 5 pound Container"
A great product that we obtain direct from the manufacturer. This was out of stock for a while but is being made once again. Originally made in San Francisco, manufacturing was moved to rural Oregon to preserve the product line.