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Cutting / Scoring

Creasing Matrix comes in all colors and sizes. Be sure to check before ordering. The matrix needs to match the thickness of the paper or card stock being creased in thousandths of an inch. The basis weight does not relate to thickness.

Note that the popular Perf-a-Base is no longer made and we do not have a replacement product.

We stock Zimmer, Simonds, and other brands of steel rule. Any of their products can be ordered subject to some minimum requirements. Lengths may vary from 30 inch lengths shown--other lengths will be priced accordingly. Quantity discounts on 100, 300 and 500 foot breaks.

Steel rule requires special handling and packaging--orders for one to 4 pieces (can be combined types of rule) will have an additional $4.00 handling fee added to your order. This charge will not show up on the web page order form or acknowledgement that is sent automatically when placing internet orders.

Channel Creasing Matrix, or Creasing Matrix, is used on platen and cylinder presses to achieve perfect scores. Form inking rollers have to be removed from the press if in place. A strip of the desired length is cut with a sharp knife or sissors, the matrix is pressed down on top of the locked up scoring rule, a paper strip covering an adhesive strip is removed, the press put on impression and run through the impression cycle once, that transfers the matrix to the tympan paper or die cutting plate or jacket, then the plastic locating strip is removed from the matrix leaving behind the matrix. The matrix is then in register for scoring. Matrix must be sized to the thickness of the stock being scored. The thickness can be found in many paper books if a commercial paper, or will have to be measured if an art or hand made paper. The basis weight either in pounds, as in 80# cover, or gsm, is of no useful value here, but actual measurement of how thick the paper stock is determines the matrix to be used. For example, Crane's 110# Letra is about .019" thick and the 220# Letra is .038. When scoring against the grain, it is usual to use the next larger size matrix. Give us the thickness of the stock in the Special Instructions section of the order blank and we will provide the correct matrix. The matrix has to allow for the width of the 2 pt scoring rule plus twice the thickness of the stock. It is not reusable, so order enough for several jobs if this is a first time order. We can also provide matrix for 2 parallel scores--call for information.

For many printing needs, including measuring the thickness of paper, an inexpensive micrometer is a useful tool to have in the shop.

Matrix is color coded by the manufacturers and the color name is how this particular product is ordered. The following is a list of the most common sizes by color and the thickness of paper being scored.

Gold, paper, under .004" in thickness;

Orange, .004-.006";

Buff, .006-.010", typically used for index stock;

Cloud, .006-.016";

White, .010-.016";

Lime, .010-.016", with a deeper channel than the White;

Yellow, .016-.020";

Violet, .016-.020", with a slightly wider channel than Yellow;

Olive, as a substitute for the now discontinued Mauve, .020-.024", recommended for Crane's Letra 110#; and Blue, .036-.040", if you want to try scoring Crane's 220# Letra.

It is recommended that records be kept indicating which matrix works best for any particular paper stock. Other colors take the range of paper thickness up to .064-.072"

We stock .918", type high rule in the perforating, cutting, and scoring rule. We also stock rule in various other heights, like .895", .909", and .937". Any height we don't have on hand can be readily obtained.

"Scoring Rule, 2 points, 0.900 inch, per 30 inch strip"
SR5105 Quantity
"Scoring Rule, 2 points, 0.895 inch, per 30 inch strip"
SR5095 Quantity
Cuttingruke "Perforating Rule, 2 points, 0.918 inch, per 30 inch strip"
Comes in 2, 3, 4, 6, 8, 10, 12 and 16 teeth per inch. Please specify TPI during checkout. We also have perforating rule in other than .918 heights--call for availability.
"Scoring Rule, 2 points, 0.918 inch, per 30 inch strip"
SR512 Quantity
"Cutting Rule, 2 points, 0.918 high, per 30 inch strip"
SR513 Quantity
"Creasing Matrix, per 30 inch strip"
Please specify channel width and color during checkout. Price per strip in quantities less than 16 are priced at $3.25 each, box of 16 for $48.00. If you have never used matrix previously, please call us prior to use for some basics--it is a great product, but the first time around, proper application can be confusing. Remember that scoring with matrix requires the use of 2 pt steel rule, typically the .918" height. Packing under the top sheet has to be reduced by .010" to take into account the thickness of the matrix. Make sure that both creasing rule and matrix is longer than the intended score so that score goes off each side of the sheet of paper. Sometime the ends of the matrix needs to be taped down to prevent it from curling off the top sheet. Rule lasts for many jobs, but matrix is intended as a one time use product.
Sabertooth "Sabertooth Perforating Backing, grips tympan, per 15 foot length"
Sabertooth backing grips the tympan when used on platen and cylinder presses. Both perforating and cutting rule should kiss cut against a steel surface for clean, consistent cuts. Sabertooth is easily cut to the length needed. The backing is secured with double faced adhesive, with the sharp curved teeth along the edges gripping the tympan. Sabertooth backing is available in 15-foot lengths of 1/8 or 1/4 widths. Complete instructions on how to use this product for both platens and cylinder presses are printed on the back of each package of Sabertooth. Please specify width in Special Instructions during checkout. We also can get any of the other products made by the H.S. Boyd Co.--just ask.
"Creasing Matrix, 30 inches long, box of 16
Please specify channel width and color during checkout. If you don't know which matrix to order, tell us the thickness, in thousandths of an inch, of the stock you want to score. The larger sizes of matrix, Buff and larger, are sold by 16 strips per box.
"Ejection Rubber, for die cutting, 3/8x1/2x18 inch sheet"
SR530 Quantity
"Perforating Rule, 2 points, 0.909 inch, per 30 inch strip"
Comes in 6, 12, or 17 teeth per inch. Please specify which size during checkout.
"MicroPerf Rule, 30 TPI, per 30 inch strip"
Microperf rule, 30 teeth per inch, with a .030 gullet. Less expensive microperf has a .020 gullet, or depth of the slot between teeth, limiting the usefulness of the rule.
"Heidelberg 10x15 Platen Snap-on Die Jacket, stainless steel, .030 thick, economy"
HW222 Quantity
"Heidelberg 10x15 Platen Snap-on die jacket, Boxmaker, stainless steel, .030", made by Bar-Plate"
Boxmaker grade jackets are made from a harder grade of stainless steel and are designed for heavy duty use--long runs, multiple changes of dies, and more demanding die layouts.
HeidDieJacket13x18 "Heidelberg Snap-on Die Jacket Economy for 13x18"
Economy die jacket .030, overall size 12 7/8 x 17 3/4.
"Heidelberg Die Jacket for KSBA Cylinder"
Stainless steel, size 18 5/8 x 22 1/2. Verify current price when ordering.
"Heidelberg Die jacket for KSBAZ Cylinder"
P-30865 Quantity
"Heidelberg Die Jacket for S Cylinder"
Stainless Steel, size 22 1/4" x 28 3/8"
"Heidelberg Die Jacket for SBB, SBBS, SBBZ Cylinder"
Stainless Steel size 21 1/4" x 32 1/4"
"Heidelberg Die Jacket for SBG, SBGS, SBGZ Cylinders"
P-30890 Quantity
"Perforating Rule, .918, 2 point, 30 inch strip x 17 TPI"
sideperfThompson "Perfect Perf Side Rules, for Offset Presses"
16 TPI, side perf, for offset presses, for card stcok, 10 ft roll, made by Thompson Manufacturing.
" Bed Plate for SP15"
Bed Plate used on Vandercook SP 15 Presses that have a bed ground to .968". Bed plate is used in place of a galley to bring metal type or bases up to type high of .918".
"Shim Tape, 5/16" x .005"x30', Stainless Steel"
Shim tape is used for backing on steel rule dies in making ready a die with low spots. Adhesive backed, .005 is available in coils 90 feet long.
"Shim Tape, 5/16" x .002", Stainless Steel"
Shim tape is used for backing on steel rule dies in making ready a die with low spots. Adhesive backed, .002 is available in coils 33 feet long.
"Shim Tape, 5/16" x .004", Stainless Steel"
Shim tape is used for backing on steel rule dies in making ready a die with low spots. Adhesive backed, .004 is available in coils 33 feet long.
"Cutting Rule, .937 x 2 points, Sandvik"
The .937 2 pt. cutting rule comes in lengths 39" long. We will cut to size at no extra charge. Our cut lengths are not exact, but within 1/2 inch. Be aware of the .937 height--this is not designed for routine platen or cylinder use because it is .018" higher than type high of .918". It is usually used on box work and the presses are adjusted accordingly.
MiehleVerticalDieJacket "Miehle Vertical Shirt Tail Die Cutting Jacket"
Standard Shirt Tail Die Jacket for Miehle Vertical V-50, .030" thick, made by Bar-Plate. Remember that V-50 cylinders are undercut .050" so allow for matrix, cutting rule height, thickness of stock, and makeready. Shirt tail jackets are also available for the V-36 and V-45 models and alternative thicknesses of .020" and .025", though .030" is standard.
"Shim Tape, .001 x 5/16" x 90', Stainless Steel"
SR519.001 Quantity