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We lost the person who has been doing a wonderful job of furnishing all of our cast material. Greg Walters, of Piqua, Ohio, died this January of tongue cancer. He had a rare talent for work on the Elrod machine, and he did other casting on Barth casters from ATF. He was going strong fighting the cancer, sending out his Christmas cards just a couple of weeks before his death. Until we find some one else to fill Greg's shoes, all cast material is unavailable. And until I can regain my physical abilities, the Elrod machine sitting in my print shop will sit silent.

Cast metal leads and slugs are provided in 23" strips, and sold in a minimum order of 10 lbs. per size. Note that the figure 1 or some larger figure has to be placed in the quantity box to order the minimum quantity for 2 pt and above. Thus, placing a 3 in the quantity box indicates 3 x 10 = 30 pounds of that item being ordered.

Note that strips from 2 pt through 6 pt are cast solid, while 12 pt and up are cast cored. The cost per pound is the same, but the larger sizes give more "bang for the buck," as a pound of cored material will fill a larger area than a pound of solid material. Note that 12 point and larger do not readily cut in hand operated lead and rule cutters.

Type metal leads and slugs ship direct from the supplier in a large flat rate USPS box. We can ship up to 60 lbs. in one box, anywhere in the United States at the current flat rate price. Larger orders will require multiple boxes.

Type metal leads and slugs are normally put up in 10 lb. packages. There are fifty-seven 2 pt leads (23" long) in a 10 lb. package. There are nineteen 6 pt slugs in a 10 lb. package. There are fourteen 12 pt slugs in a 10 lb. package. There are thirteen 12 pt tie-up slugs in a 10 lb. package. There are eleven 18 pt slugs in a 10 lb. package.

We can provide other sizes, such as 3 pt, 4 pt, and 24 pt, plus a large variety of rules. In some sizes we can also provide, on special order, other heights, such as .854" and .875" for use as base. Please inquire if you would like something other than our standard stock items. Special orders will be cast in units of 10 pounds only.

"Brass Leads, 1 point, 2 foot strips, (softer brass, same as used in thin spaces) per pound"
LS80 Quantity
"Steel Leads, one point, 30 inch strip. Cut on any hand lead and slug cutter."
Steel leads are widely used by die cutters for stability where plastic or card stock spacing will compress under lock up pressure. Sold in single strips, not by the pound. Do not cut on a printer's saw, even with carbide tipped blades.