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PLEASE READ--We are open for business as of June 1st. We are shipping this week. There is still only one reported case of Coronavirus in our county. Since we have two or three walk-in customers a year, we have almost no direct contact with the outside world. Our suppliers are all still working and they are all over the country. We continue to have UPS and Post Office service. My assistant is staying home and coming in to work only when required. Our former assistant Rick has returned from a winter in Arizona and will assisting this summer. We are trying to obey the state governor's stay at home order which is starting to change. We will, however, be able to fill orders on a limited basis this week. Remember that we do not charge your credit card until we actually ship your order. Rollers are still being made in one or two days with no slowdown and those orders have no delay. If you truly need something on an emergency basis, email us. We are exercising all the restrictions while still staying open.

The UPS guy stops by daily and so does the FedEx person, and we see the occasional walker and car drive past--it's no longer a busy place to work and for that, we are somewhat thankful. The bustling summer tourist season Silverton experiences is on hold now as the Sheriff restricts entry into town. The 4th of July festivities are all now cancelled and up to 25,000 people have descended on this town of 500 for that event. Some of our customers are taking on projects, especially their Vandercooks, now that they have time to work on them. May has been a month of renewed hope that things will gradually return to normal.

We have gradually increased our stock. Some things like Kort Gauge Pins are no longer manufactured and the equipment has been disbursed. Butch Kort is 92 and it's time for him to retire.

Supply issues continue to be a problem as some products are no longer available. We do have adequate supplies of most sizes of tympan on hand. Rolls of tympan are now available. Don't count on anything being available in the future as we have in the past. Almost everyone in the letterpress supply business is past retirement age with few ready to take over. As we venture well into 2020, we do plan on a good, solid year.

One of our major wholesale suppliers, Lithco, is now shipping things like face masks and supplies for cleaning and sanitizing, along with a full line of printing supplies, mainly for offset. We can drop ship directly from them to you. If you are having trouble getting any graphic arts supplies, Lithco can furnish them through NA Graphics. The catalog does not list prices but call us for current pricing. They have a full catalog available online at: Lithco Catalog (PDF)

We prefer that orders be placed through this web site rather than phone calls. Handwritten notes with the wrong hand are sometimes hard to read, so help out your order--there is a place on the web site order form to write about special needs or questions.

Fritz Klinke

Bev Rich, Loren Lew, Rick Hunter, Casey Carroll, Fritz Klinke having lunch in our old restaurant, the Pickle Barrel, 2019. These are the folks who have been instrumental in my recovery. Loren is also my business partner for the past 45 years.

Fritz's House, an 1887-era Victorian, Winter 2018-2019. The winter was very cold with most nights below zero. Normally we would see the start of the summer season with the arrival of the first train on May 2nd full of tourists but not this year. It is very quiet with most businesses closed and a very cautious reopening of the town.